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Physics Course

My self-paced physics review, created by condensing the MCAT's physics content, and breaking it into manageable lessons.


Medical school in the US and Canada requires you to score well on the MCAT. The test is out of 528, with each section scored out of 132. Let's take a look at the four different sections:

Chem Phys

1: Chemical & Physical Foundations

The most content-heavy section; reviewing this content takes a significant portion of my course. The section covers the following subjects, roughly in order of importance:

  • General Chemistry

  • Organic Chemistry

  • Physics

  • Biochemistry

  • Biology


2: Critical Analysis & Reading Skills (CARS)

This section contains no content at all, and is the most polarizing section of the exam. As somebody who got a perfect score on this section, I've got tips and strategies to help you reason through even the hardest questions.

Biology Biochemistry

3: Biological & Biochemical Foundations

This is the biology-heavy section of the exam, and is in some ways the most thorough section of the MCAT. I spend a large period of my course reviewing the biology concepts tested.

Psychology Sociology

4: Psychology & Sociology (Psych-Soc)

This is the section that was added in 2015. Testing social-science concepts, it depends on a combination of reasoning ability, and heavy vocabulary knowledge. I can show you the resources and knowledge you need to Ace this section.


Your Instructor

My name is Abdulla, and I scored a 524 (in the 100th percentile) on the MCAT.  I'm excited to pass on all of the tips, strategies, and resources that I used!

The MCAT is a daunting exam. I will show you how to walk into your exam with confidence, and how to Ace the MCAT! The trick is to study efficiently and productively—you want to make every minute count!


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