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My name is Abdulla, and I'm an MCAT tutor who scored a 524 on the MCAT myself. I remember when I studied, I was frustrated by the lack of MCAT-specific content review. So when I studied, I made my own highly condensed notes.


I made these courses using my notes. The physics course is free. You can do that course and see if you like my approach. If you do, please consider buying some of the others. 

If money is hard for you right now, please just shoot me an email, and we'll work something out!


Physics Review


General Chemistry Review


Organic Chemistry Review

Test Tubes_edited.jpg

Biochem Review


Physics Course:  Now Free

20 Lessons—About 6 Hours Total

Energy & Motion

🏎️ Acceleration
⛸️ Friction
🚂 Work & Power
🔋 Energy
🔧 Levers


🔌 Electric Charge & Units

⚡ Coulomb's Law

💡 Ohm's Law

 Ω  Resistance

📸 Capacitors

➡️ Electric Fields

Sound & Light Waves

🔊 Wave Properties
🔆 Photon Energy
🚨 Doppler Effect
🎶 Harmonics


🔎 Refraction

​👓 Thin Lenses


⚓ Density
🤿 Hydrostatic Pressure
🚿 Volume Flow Rate


General Chemistry Course:  Now $29

21 Lessons—About 9 Hours Total

Atoms & Nuclei

🧿 Electron Configurations
⚛️ Isotopes
☢️ Four Types of Decay
⏱️Half-Life Decay

Bonds & Molecules

↗️ Periodic Table Trends
❇️ Hybridization & Angles
🧲 Inter-Molecular Forces
🔗 Bonds


🌡️ Heat Transfer
🔥 Enthalpy
🥚 Entropy & Gibbs Free Energy


🛢️Gas Laws

🧊Phase Diagrams


Reaction Equilibrium

⇌  Equilibrium

⚖️Le Châtelier's Principle

​🔋Redox & Electrochemistry

Solutions & Acids

🥛Moles & Concentration
🍋Acids & pH
🥽Strong and Weak Acids


Organic Chemistry Course:  Now $19

16 Lessons—About 7.5 Hours Total


✏️Simple Naming
📍Functional Groups

Analytical Techniques

🖊️Principle of Chromatography
✒️Chromatography Variations



🧪Separations & Extractions

Alcohol Reactions

⭕Alcohol Oxidation

​🔃 Alcohol Substitution 

Aldehydes & Ketones

🅾️Carbonyl Carbons
🟰Alpha Carbons

Other Reactions

🟠Carboxylic Acids
🟡Amino Acid Synthesis

Test Tubes

Biochemistry Course:  Now $39

 24 Lessons—About 11 Hours Total
(Plus 4 Optional Bonus Lessons)

Amino Acids

〰️ Properties
🟰 Non-Polar AAs
➖ Small & Polar AAs

➕ Large & Basic AAs


1️⃣ Primary Structure
2️⃣ Secondary Structure
3️⃣Tertiary & Quaternary 

🔃Protein Modification

🔋Isoelectric Point

🥼Protein Lab Techniques


💥 Thermodynamics

📑 Enzyme Classifications

🔥 Enzyme Kinetics

🛑 Inhibitors

🌡️ Regulation

🤝🏻 Cooperativity


📖Metabolism Theory

​🏃‍♂Glycolysis & Cellular Respiration




Metabolic Regulation

💪 Exercise State

💊 Glucagon & Insulin

💉 Diabetes

Optional: Detailed Metabolism:


🔴Glycolysis Regulation

🟠 Krebs Cycle 

🔵 Electron Transport Chain

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