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Hey there!

My name is Abdulla, and I'm an MCAT tutor who scored a 524 on the MCAT myself. I remember when I studied, I was frustrated by the lack of MCAT-specific content review. So when I studied, I made my own highly condensed notes.


I made these courses using my notes. The physics course is free. You can do that course and see if you like my approach. If you do, please consider buying some of the others. 

If money is hard for you right now, please just shoot me an email, and we'll work something out!


Physics: Now Free

20 Lessons—About 6 Hours Total


General Chemistry: $29

21 Lessons—About 9 Hours Total


Organic Chemistry: $19

16 Lessons—About 7.5 Hours Total

Biochem Background.png

Biochemistry: $39

24 Lessons—About 11 Hours Total


Biology: $49

31 Lessons—About 13.5 Hours Total

Wooden Architecture

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Contact me to discuss your MCAT study plans and progress!


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