MCAT Physics Review Course: $39

This self-paced course breaks down and explains high-yield MCAT physics content, including practice problems. It only teaches you what you NEED to know.


All Course Lessons:


Energy & Motion:

🏎️ Acceleration
⛸️ Friction
🚂 Work & Power
🔋 Energy
🔧 Levers



🔌 Electric Charge & Units

⚡ Coulomb's Law

💡 Ohm's Law

 Ω  Resistance

📸 Capacitors

➡️ Electric Fields


Sound & Light Waves

🔊 Wave Properties
🔆 Photon Energy
🚨 Doppler Effect
🎶 Harmonics

Image by Agence Olloweb


🔎 Refraction

👓 Thin Lenses

Underwater Scuba Diving


⚓ Density
🤿 Hydrostatic Pressure
🚿 Volume Flow Rate

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About Me

My name is Abdulla, and after studying hard, I scored a 524 on the MCAT. But physics was not my strength initially, and reviewing it took me FOREVER—I created this course to condense the Physics content on the exam into a short, intensive review course.


The course is broken down by subject, with a number of lessons for each. Each lesson has an estimate of how long it'll take to complete. In total, the course takes about 6 hours to finish (including worked problems). If you just need a refresher, this course can easily be completed in a day. If you're a bit rustier then it might take you a few days to finish!


Each lesson contains a video where I break down a particular concept. Each lesson then has a number of practice questions, along with videos of me solving the problems.


Normally $59—Now $39

On sale for $39 until January 10th—you'll get access to the module for at least a year, and can redo the course as many times as you like.