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Additional MCAT Resources:

These are free resources that I frequently recommend to students—I've collected them on this page for ease of access:

Psychology Sociology

Professor Bloom is an engaging lecturer, and is great at explaining the foundational concepts of the field even to beginners. Includes a guest lecture from Peter Salovey, current president of Yale and an expert on love and emotional intelligence.


For students with a weak foundation in psychology, this course is an excellent introduction to the field. Download or stream this course like a podcast—the visuals aren't necessary. I personally listened to this course two times through.

Biology Biochemistry

This course goes in much more depth than the MCAT requires, but I still like it because Professor Ahern is such a wonderful teacher. If you're having trouble with a concept or a group of concepts, check out the lectures on those subjects!

I especially recommend the lectures on enzymes and proteins!

My compilation of the AAMC's content outline—a list of all the things tested on the MCAT.

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