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Organic Chemistry Course:  Now $19

16 Lessons—About 7.5 Hours Total
Content tested in about 8–10 questions per MCAT exam


✏️Simple Naming
📍Functional Groups

Analytical Techniques

🖊️Principle of Chromatography
✒️Chromatography Variations



🧪Separations & Extractions

Alcohol Reactions

⭕Alcohol Oxidation

​🔃 Alcohol Substitution 

Aldehydes & Ketones

🅾️Carbonyl Carbons
🟰Alpha Carbons

Other Reactions

🟠Carboxylic Acids
🟡Amino Acid Synthesis

Low-Yield Reactions:

Course Organization:

The course is broken down by subject, with a number of lessons for each. Each lesson has an estimate of how long it'll take to complete. In total, the course takes about 7.5 hours to finish (including worked problems).

The high-yield lessons take about 4.5 hours, though I'd recommend you work through the low-yield reactions as well.  If you just need a refresher, this course can be completed in a day. If you're a bit rustier then it might take you a few days to finish!

For more memorization-based lectures, I've allowed you to download an organized version of the whiteboard!


Physics Review
General Chemistry Review
Biochem Background.png
Biochemistry Review
Biology Review

All Courses Combined

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