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General Chemistry Course:  Now $29

21 Lessons—About 9 Hours Total
Content tested in about 20–21 questions per MCAT exam

Atoms & Nuclei

🧿 Electron Configurations
⚛️ Isotopes
☢️ Four Types of Decay
⏱️Half-Life Decay

Bonds & Molecules

↗️ Periodic Table Trends
❇️ Hybridization & Angles
🧲 Inter-Molecular Forces
🔗 Bonds


🌡️ Heat Transfer
🔥 Enthalpy
🥚 Entropy & Gibbs Free Energy


🛢️Gas Laws

🧊Phase Diagrams


Reaction Equilibrium

⇌  Equilibrium

⚖️Le Châtelier's Principle

​🔋Redox & Electrochemistry

Solutions & Acids

🥛Moles & Concentration
🍋Acids & pH
🥽Strong and Weak Acids

Course Organization:

The course is broken down by subject, with a number of lessons for each. Each lesson has an estimate of how long it'll take to complete. In total, the course takes about 9 hours to finish (including worked problems). If you just need a refresher, this course can easily be completed in a couple days. If you're a bit rustier then it might take you up to a week to finish!


Each lesson contains a video where I break down a particular concept. Each lesson then has a number of practice questions, along with videos of me solving the problems.

Physics Review
Organic Chemistry Review
Biochem Background.png
Biochemistry Review
Biology Review

All Courses Combined

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