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Comprehensive MCAT Course

Winter 2023 Semester

January 17th—April 4th

12 Weekly Sessions


Your Instructor

My name is Abdulla, and I scored a 524 (in the 100th percentile) on the MCAT.  I created Ace the MCAT because I felt like the existing resources were too overwhelming or unhelpful.

In this course, my goal is to show you how I studied quite efficiently for the MCAT, and the tips and strategies that can help you maximize your study time.

Course Includes:

36 Hours of Live Instruction

12 Sessions total. Each session includes two hours of instruction, plus one hour of problem-solving.

All Lectures Recorded

Lectures will be recorded and available to re-watch through the website, as many times as you want.

Course Forums and Resources

You'll have access to the course forum, lecture recordings, and resources even after the course is over.

One-on-One Consultation

Course includes a free session with me to discuss your specific areas of weakness, and what you can do to improve.

Stay in Touch After the Course

I'm always available to my students after they take the course, if they want tips or advice on their MCAT.

Small Classes

Classes are always fewer than 8 people.

Tuition: $499

Considering the prices of courses offered by the big test prep companies...

Kaplan: $2599
Blueprint: $2199

Princeton Review: $2399 of my goals in creating this course was to make something that people can actually afford. That said, if this price is too high or you'd like to pay it in installments over the course of the semester, contact me and we'll arrange something!

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